How To Build A Multi-Unit Franchise Empire And Sell It To Private Equity: Dwayne Duprey Shares His Journey As An Early Orangetheory Franchise Owner

Dwayne Duprey and his wife Karen were early franchisees and area developers with Orangetheory Fitness. Dwayne shares their journey of building a successful multi-unit franchise empire and exiting private equity. Dwayne covers everything – from how they structured their organization and hired and developed their employees to how they prepare

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How To Fund A Franchise With Shirley Kefgen

Having funding is a critical factor in starting any business. So, how do you fund a franchise? Here to help you out is Shirley Kefgen, Director of Business Development at FranFund and one of the top franchise funding consultants in the country. In this episode, she walks us through the various ways to

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