The Top Emerging Franchises In The Country Will Probably Surprise You

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Blog

You are looking at executives and founders of some of the fastest-growing franchises in the country.

I spent last week meeting with these people along with key people from other top emerging brands in the country.

The funny thing is…

These top-performing brands aren’t surprises to many people inside of franchising.

But, when I talk about them to people outside of franchising I sometimes get the “WTF look.”

Partly because they’re not food franchises.

And partly because these are businesses most people have never thought about owning.

Yet, once people look behind the scenes at the numbers, systems, and leadership their mind is typically blown.

One brand is franchising mental health services by partnering with business and community-minded people (not psychologists) to implement the business model they used to build a monster business.

A family of brands with a lot of horse power are redefining old-school industries with massive amounts of demand using technology, marketing, and other sophistication. And, again they’re partnering with business people (not industry people) to open locations. The two businesses recognized for their rocketship growth are exterior lighting and the other is roofing.

Another portfolio franchisor (who’s publicly traded) has developed a powerhouse playbook for scaling health and wellness businesses by mainly partnering with people who want to run the business semi-absentee and open multiple units. The businesses that made this list are assisted stretching services and a safer, more mainstreamed CrossFit (so think CrossFit 2.0)

Another company is bringing amazing technology to our country that’s very popular in Europe and has all different types of life-changing applications (think cutting an hour workout to twenty minutes, helping people with multiple sclerosis exercise, even helping people walk again). Get that “oh, that’s just a fad” thought out of your head because this company’s growth will prove you otherwise.

And the last brand is proving that there is plenty of room left in the disaster restoration market for more players. This company boasts one of the most impressive Item 19 I’ve ever seen.

So, you have brands from…

Mental health services

Residential and commercial services

Health and wellness, and


Leading the way.

What these brands are doing and the success they and their franchisees are having is truly impressive.

Cheers to your continued growth and franchise owners’ massive success!

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