I help people find a franchise they can use to achieve their financial, lifestyle, and equity goals.

Dru Carpenito


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Access to

You get introduced to high-quality franchises that match what you want in a business

Behind-the-scenes insight on franchises

scenes insight
on franchises

You benefit from over a decade’s worth of experience to gain candid insight and information about finding the right franchise for you

A proven process to analyze franchises

A proven process
to analyze

The process successful franchise owners use to grow, enjoy and sell (as in cash out) franchises is the same one you will learn and use.

All for Free

You will never pay me any money or sign a contract with me. I’m paid just like an executive recruiter.

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About Dru Carpenito

I help people find and invest in high-quality franchises that can help them create the life they want.

I use my experience from over 13 years in the franchise world and helping hundreds of people invest in, grow and sell successful franchise businesses to help people find a high-quality franchise that is right for them.

And it’s all free with no contract.

I had the opportunity of working with Dru prior, during, and after the process of acquiring and running my franchise. Dru was professional, a strategic thinker and always willing to help. Dru went above expectations to ensure the support and knowledge I needed to become a successful owner. Dru was a true pleasure to work with especially when you are making such a major decision and investment.

Frank C.
Tracy, CA


The first step is a pretty simple one: We have a conversation.

After we speak, we’ll be able to figure out if there is a good fit to work together.


Real-world, from-the-trenches insight and resources.


The different types of franchise I work with

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Learn a little about me and my background in franchising

  How it works

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Why would a banking executive invest in a boutique fitness franchise (and keep his job)

Why would a banking executive invest in a boutique fitness franchise (and keep his job)? As you may know, I spend a lot of my time (and my money) researching and finding high-quality franchises. I actually added up the time and money I spend in my research and I figured

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What’s your exit strategy

Yes, before you start a business, you should think about exiting And by exiting, I mean thinking about the question “What is my long-term objective with my own profitable and successful business?” Are you going to cash out on your hard work by selling the business or pass the business

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What are the hottest franchises

The short answer is: “It depends.” And what it depends on is largely based around which franchise offers a proven and validated business model that aligns with your skills, goals, ideal role as the owner, and offers you the highest probability to achieve your lifestyle and financial long-term goals. Sorry,

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