High-quality franchises

What do high-quality franchises look like?

The answer is typically behind-the-scenes of the franchise brand and includes characteristics such as:

  • A rock-solid business model with phenomenal margins and economics
  • Outstanding support for their owners
  • A talented and dedicated leadership team
  • Cutting-edge tools that their franchise owners use to run their businesses more efficiently (which allows more money to hit the bottom line)
  • An amazing culture, and, most importantly
  • Happy and profitable franchise owners

Types of franchises

Emerging brands

These are typically first-to-market franchises with the potential to become the brand name in their industry.

Brand name franchises

Think blue-chip-like. These franchises have been around a long time, have brand equity and tremendous systems and infrastructure for their franchise owners.

Semi-absentee franchises

Semi-absentee franchises are manager-run business models that enable the owners to keep a job or run other businesses.

Executive businesses that can scale

These are franchises that have a low cost of entry that can be can be scaled with a full-time ownership role.

Home-based, low-cost franchises

With low overhead, fewer employees (if any) and the ability to be run from home, these franchises typically offer tremendous flexibility and less risk.

Multi-unit franchises

If you’re interested in building a business with a layer of general management in place, opening multiple locations is something to consider.

Curious where I get my information?

I spend a few hundred hours a year and many thousands of dollars flying around the country and meeting personally with founders and executives from high-quality franchises.

I’ve done this for over thirteen years. I have a lot of connections in franchising including hundreds of successful franchise owners I’ve helped invest in, grow and sell (as in cash out) their franchise.

This is the information, experience, and insight I use to help people.

The depth of information that I have about high-quality franchises isn’t available on the internet or anywhere in print for that matter.

By working together, you get all of my experience, everything I know and a lot of my time for FREE. That’s a pretty good deal in my book. And you know what? I’m happy to give it to you.

Ready to get started?

The first step is a pretty simple one: We have a conversation.

After we speak, we’ll be able to figure out if there is a good fit to work together.