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Ever heard this advice?

“Go to school. Get good grades. Go to college. Get a job. Work hard for 40 years, sock away money diligently and you’ll be set for retirement?”

It’s the common career advice we’re given time and time again from a young age.

How come we’re not taught to how to adapt if the company we’re working for starts laying people off?

Why aren’t we taught how to deal with the headwinds that blow before and after a merger or acquisition?

And, why aren’t we ever taught about entrepreneurship?

A number of years ago, I was facing a crossroads in my career.

I had just completed (i.e. paying for) grad school and got my first job.

I thought I had it made.

And then, a couple of months into my very expensive career, I was faced with an unexpected career decision.

The company was taking a different direction.

I didn’t know what that meant.

I wasn’t prepared.

No one told me about this in grad school.

All I knew is that I had a decision to make.

So, I made it.

And that’s when I discovered franchising.

More importantly, that’s when my real education began.

I was introduced to a world I had only heard the stories about.

A way to create financial and lifestyle success outside of the corporate world.

Through my journey, I’ve worked with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs around the world who also discovered franchising.

Many of these entrepreneurs have built incredibly successful businesses with businesses you would never think possible.

And you know what?

They are just like you and me.

Just regular, down-to-earth-people who discovered a different way to achieve financial and lifestyle success.

And you know what else?

Most of them never dreamt of owning the business they own.

They dreamt of benefits that a successful business can provide…

Went out and found it…

And then…

…Worked their tails off to build it.

A big secret to their success was investing in the right franchise.

There are a ton of different franchises out there.

Thousands in fact.

Some are great. Some are good. And some are really bad.

The key to finding the right one is to know where to look and what to look for.

And, most of the time, what to look for is behind-the-scenes.

If you’re curious about franchising and whether or not its something you should explore, check out a podcast I was on recently.

I talk about a ton of stuff like:

  • The most important things to be successful with franchising
  • The biggest drawback to owning a Chick-Fil-A franchise
  • Things that are more important than a franchise brand name
  • How to build an income-producing asset with a franchise
  • How you can sell that income-producing asset for a premium
  • Franchises that allow you to keep your day job (i.e. income)
  • The best way to buy a franchise
  • And more…

I hope you enjoy it.



P.S. – If you ever want to chat about figuring out if exploring buying a franchise is the right fit for you, get in touch with me. dru@drucarpenito.com

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