I had an interesting experience with a franchise entrepreneur because of this terrible golf shot…

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Blog

I called a locally owned franchise for an appointment to have the window replaced after a really bad golf shot went through it (and, no, it wasn’t my golf shot).

I got to talking to the estimator who showed up.

Come to find out he’s a member of the family who owns this franchise. 

So now I’m interested…I love learning about people’s experience owning franchises.

Especially the type of franchises that are cash cows that most people overlook.

At one point in our conversation, I asked him how many trucks they were up to (which is my way of back-of-the-napkin’ing how much revenue their generating).

He said, “I honestly couldn’t tell you, Dru. Ever since we went paperless, I haven’t been into the office all that much and we have too many trucks for me to count these days. Business is good!”

His family has owned this franchise for 33 years. They took a chance on an emerging franchise at the time and the investment has paid off!

I asked him what him and his family plan to do with the business long term (keep it in the family or sell it)? 

His response, “This business has and continues to be very good for our family. It’s helped us accumulate some assets we probably wouldn’t have been able to get. We want to keep this sucker in the family as long as we can.” 

Needless to say, they seem happy and quite successful. 

I promise you there is a lot of hard work, sweat and tears behind their thriving business but I thought this encounter offered some interesting insight into how franchising helped this family build a whopper of a business.

If you want to explore if there is a franchise out there that might be the right fit for you, I’m happy to help you. 

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