The biggest mistake I see people make when buying a franchise…

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Blog

“Do what you love” 
Ever heard that piece of advice before? 
Or how about this one? 
“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 
I have a friend who is an incredible fly-fisherman. He casts a line like nobody I have ever seen. He ties his own flies. He is obsessed with it. 
So, he decided to open a fly-fishing store. 
People flock to see him, to pick his brain, to just chat and yes, they purchase a lot of gear. He does very well financially. The money is good. 
Wonderful except for one thing – he hates it. 
He used to be on the riverbanks before sunrise. Now, he cannot motivate himself to get up in the morning. 
Because his store is busiest during the best times to be fishing, and while the cash registering is ringing, he is occupied with serving customers and has zero time to go fishing.
Here is the suggestion – buy the right business based on what you do best, and you will have tons of time and make enough money to devote to your hobby.
Most of us want to build a business that makes us so much money we can do what we love WHENEVER WE WANT. 
It’s the freedom to enjoy what we want while not having to work at a job we hate. 
It’s the ability to build a healthy income stream that puts money into our bank account without us having to kill ourselves working 80 hour weeks. 
It’s the ability to build an income-producing asset that we can pass down to our kids or sell for a big ol’ pile of cash.
Sure, it takes hard work to build the business to a point where it’s cash flowing and running as we want it, however the key to this whole thing is so the work is worth it! 
If you can forget the “do what you love advice” and focus on finding a business that you can build so you can actually do more of what you love while not working, your mind will be opened to some amazing businesses.
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