The Next Big Franchise In Boutique Fitness (That Can Be Run Semi-Absentee)!

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If you have a passion for living a healthy and fit lifestyle, building and leading teams of people, and are looking for a business that you can run semi-absentee, then lean in, my friend. 

Because I have a very interesting franchise to share with you.

There’s an up-and-coming boutique fitness franchise that is poised to be the next big thing. 

The largest boutique fitness company in the world just launched this new franchise. 

And by “largest” I mean, this company…

  • Owns 10 boutique fitness brands
  • Has over 2,000 open locations worldwide 
  • With plans to open another 4,000 locations 
  • And, it’s publicly traded 

It’s the biggest and most interesting company in boutique fitness. 

(And judging by the stock price, investors seem to think so too). 

By the way, have you seen Peloton’s stock lately? 


People are ditching the stay-at-home workouts and getting back out there to get healthy and fit. 

And this company has identified an underserved niche that could be the next big thing. 

Here’s the takeaway from all of this…

This behemoth company has a proven track record of building national brands in boutique fitness niches by partnering with franchise owners who can run their locations semi-absentee and open multiple units. 

So, when they buy a new brand, it’s an interesting thing to pay attention to. 

Especially if you’re…

…Into health and wellness

…Love building and leading teams of people

…And, are looking for a business that you can run semi-absentee 

Now, where it gets very interesting is when you consider this brand already has over 130 franchised locations operating (and has for a number of years). 

And prime territory is still available in just about every market. 

So you have plenty of franchise owners to validate with to hear firsthand how this business has been performing. 

By the way, the numbers are staggering. 

  • It’s membership-based, so there’s recurring revenue 
  • The revenue potential is large
  • And, the potential margins they claim are high 

So, if you’re in the corporate world looking to create another stream of income…

Or, you’re a current franchisee looking to expand and diversify your portfolio…

This franchise is worth looking into.

To qualify, you need to have a proven ability to build and lead a team of people, a passion for health and wellness, at least $150K liquid, and a net worth north of $750K. 

If you want to explore this franchise, book a time to talk with me. 

Here’s the link to book a call: https://calendly.com/dcarpenito/next-big-thing

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