“I had the opportunity of working with Dru prior, during, and after the process of acquiring and running my franchise. Dru was professional, a strategic thinker and always willing to help. Dru went above expectations to ensure the support and knowledge I needed to become a successful owner. Dru was a true pleasure to work with especially when you are making such a major decision and investment.”
Frank C.

Tracy, CA

“I cannot say enough about Dru. He is very knowledgeable about franchises and he has great people skills which will help him work with you in identifying your interests and which opportunities will be better suited for you. I got to know Dru very well when he was working with AdvantaClean. He is the primary person with whom I dealt when I was exploring the purchase of an AdvantaClean franchise, and during that acquisition process. If you are interested in exploring franchising, I highly recommend Dru to you. He will work hard for you in order to help you find the best opportunity for you.”
Martin J.

Jackson, MS

“Dru was the driving force getting me in line to purchase a franchise, his expertise and follow though is excellent. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking at franchises.”
Gibbon P.

Charlotte, NC

“I met Dru while researching and purchasing my AdvantaClean franchise. He is very knowledgeable about franchising and business startups. He was a key resource for me, not only during the onboarding process but throughout my training and during the early stages of my business. Most importantly, Dru has a servant’s heart. He was always there whenever I needed guidance or just needed to bounce ideas off of someone. My experience with Dru was outstanding.”
Brian W.

Tampa, FL

“Dru is a pleasure to work with. He goes above and beyond explaining every step of a franchise process and takes the fear away from starting a business. I would highly recommend Dru.”
Nathan L.

Asheville, NC

“Dru is a stand up guy who always follows through! He has always provided me with great support and guidance!”
Ronnie D.

Las Vegas, NV

“Dru helped me through the discovery process while he was at AdvantaClean, where I currently am a franchisee. Dru was very professional and transparent through the whole process and it was clear he wanted to make sure moving forward would be beneficial for both parties. Dru is well informed in the franchise world and I would not hesitate to recommend working with him.”
Zach T.

Knoxville, TN