“Oh, that’s just a fad” = thinking that can lead to missed opportunity

Some say the key to finding great businesses is following opportunities that others don’t see.

I believe part of the art of finding great businesses requires keeping an open mind, keeping an ear to the ground for information that others don’t have and then digging in and researching these business opportunities diligently.

As it relates to keeping an open mind, fitness franchises can close a person mind’s faster than most. The common stereotype that I hear when talking about fitness businesses “Oh, that’s just a fad.”

I get it. Body by Jake, Bowflex, the Shake Weight, and the ThighMaster all soared and crashed…


…I wonder how much money the owners of these concepts made during their boom period? I wonder if they would sign up again for the same ride?

Which begs the question: Is having a lot of short-term success such a bad thing?