How a talented executive safely escaped the corporate world by buying a surprising franchise…

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Have you ever had that feeling when you go to work that you should be spending your time building your own dream business versus making money for someone else?

Meet, Steve – a successful executive with a well-known company – who was having that feeling more and more.

On paper, you’d think he had it made.

He was quickly rising through the ranks of a large Fortune 100 company.

And by all measures a successful person.

However…he wasn’t happy.

He had a family who he never saw.

He was sick and tired making personal sacrifices as he climbed the corporate ladder.

He would get up at 5 AM, go workout and head into the office for a twelve-hour day, leave the office at 6 PM, sit in traffic for an hour and get home just in time to have dinner and help his kids with homework.

This was the life he had to lead in order to stay on the career path he was on.

He knew there had to be a better way and was curious if there might be a franchise out there that could help him enjoy a better lifestyle and create more opportunity.

He knew he needed a very particular franchise.

One that could thrive under a manager-run ownership structure so he could keep his job type in the short-term since he was the sole income producer for his family.

The right franchise needed to have a strong technological infrastructure and corporate support in place that he could leverage to train and manage his staff.

It had to have strong unit economics and a financial upside that was attractive to a successful executive like Steve.

And, most importantly, he needed a due diligence strategy that would help him learn every aspect of this franchise so he could figure out if he could achieve the balance he was seeking and make the right decision.

Here’s how he figured it out…

He used the Franchise Investment System.

The Franchise Investment System is specifically designed for successful executives and professionals who are first-time franchise buyers.

It helped him find the right franchise and gave him a step-by-step process to make sure it was the right fit.

And what he found was an emerging, high-quality franchise in the health and wellness space.

Fast forward today, Steve is off to the races and building a multi-location operation that will provide him with a safe exit from the corporate world.

If you want to explore if there is a franchise out there that might be the right fit for you, I’m happy to help you.

The First Step is a Conversation.

If you have that burning desire to build your own successful business so you can live a life you can only have working for yourself, let’s talk.

The First Step is a Conversation

The first step is a pretty simple one: We have a conversation.

After we speak, we’ll be able to figure out if there is a good fit to work together.