Exciting New Franchise – Kids, Fitness, Money, and Lifestyle!

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“How To Build Your Own Successful Business That Thrives Off Your Passion For Making A Difference In Children’s Lives And Living A Healthy Lifestyle” 

(Even If You’ve Never Owned A Business Before)

That’s the headline that sums up this exciting franchise that is just starting to expand nationally. 

So, if you love kids…

And fitness…

And money…

And, want a business that can provide a flexible lifestyle…

Then buckle in…

Because this franchise is one to know about.

This up-and-coming franchise is a mobile sports and fitness business that teaches children life skills through a proprietary sports-based curriculum.

After the past two years, young kids need what this business offers more than ever.

This business makes money by helping toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-age children get away from screen time by getting active, learning teamwork, and building self-confidence through its proprietary sports fitness programs. 

It partners with daycares and preschools, holds summer camps, comes to birthday parties, and offers a host of other community events.  

Think Soccer Shots but for all sports.

The Economics Are Strong! 

Where it gets super interesting is when you start looking at this business through the entrepreneurial lens because it has some very attractive features, like…

…The margins this franchise claims are potentially high! (As you can see in its Item 19)

…You can run this business from home (no brick and mortar needed). 

…You can operate with very little overhead expenses (most of the expenses are variable). 

…You have multiple revenue streams. 

…And, you only need a handful of part-time employees to operate it. (Which enables you to work ON the business, not in it)

It’s simple and scalable with tons of upside and a small downside. 

And the investment is around what you would pay for a nicer new car these days. 

So you have a business that literally changes kids’ lives, is very lifestyle friendly to operate, doesn’t cost a ton to get into, and with potential strong margins…

All for the price of a new car!

The Secret Sauce 

Part of the secret sauce with this franchise is the curriculum it’s developed – it’s backed by science. 

It combines years of research from physical therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, youth development counselors, and school directors. 

This special curriculum is designed to help children of all skill and experience levels develop life skills including improved communication, decision making, problem-solving, social skills, discipline, and confidence.

And the stories you’ll hear about impacting kids’ lives are amazing!

The other part of the secret sauce is the people behind this brand. 

Some very smart and successful franchise entrepreneurs are leading and investing in this brand in a big way. 

Prime Territory Is Available! 

This emerging franchise is just starting to expand nationally which means prime territory is available in just about every market.

Even better, there are franchisees who’ve been operating for a while that you can speak to and validate with. 

So, if you…

Have the entrepreneurial itch…

Are passionate about helping children live active and healthy lifestyles…

Want a home-based business that can be very lifestyle friendly to own…

And, are interested in a low investment business that can scale…

…Then this franchise is definitely one you should check out. 

If you’re interested in exploring this business, book a time to talk. 

Here’s the link: https://calendly.com/dcarpenito/kids-sports-and-fitness-franchise

The First Step is a Conversation.

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The First Step is a Conversation

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