A Stigma-Smashing Franchise Disrupting A Massive Industry

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

A new franchise company is shaking things up as the first franchise to enter the mental health care category, addressing a long-time urgent need in a groundbreaking way.

And, it’s quickly become one of the hottest franchises in the country!

Our country has been suffering a critical shortage of accessible mental health care services for years now.

In fact, this need has been amplified into the mainstream with all of the ‘stuff’ going on for the past couple of years.

Well, this franchise is on a mission to smash the stigma by bringing mental health help to the masses in a unique and welcoming way.

And it’s working! It’s growing like Orangetheory, Restore, and other unicorn franchises were in their heyday.

Here’s the best part…

You don’t need experience or a degree in mental health!

(In fact, this company prefers no industry experience)

You’ll hire fully licensed, qualified people to work with clients while you build the business.

They’re looking for franchise candidates with a passion for mental health and wellness and the drive to do good in their community who can build and lead a team of therapists to change the lives of people in the community and be the CEO of the business.

From my vantage point, I’m seeing the full spectrum of buyers investing in this franchise – successful multi-unit franchise owners of reputable brands (which is always an interesting indicator), mid-level managers to C-Level execs, military veterans, folks starting career 2.0, and others.

Culture and Systems Are A Big Part Of The Secret Sauce

Nuts and bolts-wise, this brand takes their work very seriously (and they like to have fun too – humor and acceptance are included in their core values).

The franchise offers a ton of value add on the back-end of the business model too by handling the insurance billing and collections and managing a national call center for new client intakes and clients’ questions.

Numbers-wise, this franchise is a relatively low investment that is reporting impressive numbers in their Item 19.

Financially, they’re looking for folks with at least $150,000 liquid (cash, savings, stocks, retirement funds).

Some Other Key Points:

  • Can be run semi-absentee or executive model (your choice)
  • Multiple revenue streams: therapy services, medication management, embedded therapy services
  • All employees are revenue producers; master’s degree professionals; typically 1 Clinic Director and 3-7 Therapists; franchise owner does not have a role in the daily operations of the business
  • Economies of scale: flexible business hours and telehealth options allow for adding therapists without additional real estate overhead
  • Recession-resistant due to insurance providing coverage
  • Pandemic-resistant due to telehealth options
  • Highly fragmented industry: there is no national mental health brand currently out there to compete with
  • No mental health or therapy industry experience required

The Next Step

If you have the itch to start a business and what I just shared resonates with you, it’s worth your time to do a deep dive on this franchise before it sells out the country.

You can use this online calendar to find a time to talk:

Here’s the link: https://calendly.com/dcarpenito/mental-health-services-franchise

The First Step is a Conversation.

If you have that burning desire to build your own successful business so you can live a life you can only have working for yourself, let’s talk.

The First Step is a Conversation

The first step is a pretty simple one: We have a conversation.

After we speak, we’ll be able to figure out if there is a good fit to work together.